Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 18

This week wasn't too exciting, but there were some miracles, don't you worry!  Wednesday we had a great Zone Conference!  President Sweeney first talked about not worrying about being a "robot missionary" and that if you really want to be a rebel in this world, be good.  That is sooo true!  Don't worry if you are a "molly mormon" or whatever.  You're going to be more individual being exactly obedient than just going with the flow!  We also talked about not worrying about being in a certain calling in a missionary leadership position.  He said that we all have special callings because we are set apart to be missionaries!  We also took a behavior quiz of sorts that told us what our natural nature was and I am a blue in case you are all wondering.  That means I'm responsible, a listener, etc. I don't remember but it was fun!  Then President and Sister Sweeney talked about how we can use these natural gifts that we have been given to try to contact people on the street which we call TTI which is Teach Testify Invite.  So that was exciting!  I personally gained more motivation to go out proselyting and TTIing and being able to use my strengths to talk to people about the church.  Thursday was a long day of knocking on doors and we also had a Zone Training meeting which was good.  We learned about how to teach simply and it was just really good.  All of it made me just want to get out and teach so many people!  And we're going to get so many poeple-miracles are on the horizon!!  Then Friday we met with Nyla...just please pray for Nyla and Jeff Cramer.  Long story short, they just need some prayers.  So please and thank you!  And we were also able to help a less-active member move some boxes to her truck because she has a bad leg and can't do it all on her own!  We also went out to TTI Friday around 5 and boy....President Sweeney was right about going at 4 because you have to catch them before they get drunk!  But some nice men said hi to us then left once they saw our tags ;)  Saturday we also went out to TTI at an art festival that they were having that day!  We met a couple of members there and also talked to a man who has studied the mormon religion and then talked to his wife and invited them both to the Mesa Easter Pageant!  It was a fun afternoon!  Then Sunday we had a great ward conference on missionary work (my favorite topic ever)  so that was a great Sunday!  And no, no investigators came to church but fun story: A young man walked in after sacrament meeting and walked past us with earphones in and coffee? and dressed really casually.  He ended up talking to some members asking if a congregation met there.  They said no, it had just ended, but there was a Young Single Adult ward that meets at 1 in our building so he could go there!  We are not sure what happened there, but hopefully he went back or comes back next week!  I hope you all catch the wave of missionary work!  It is just so exciting!  I love you all and hope you have a great week and talk to ONE person about the church!  :)

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